Life Without Six

Life without the "Top 6 Allergens" can be difficult. T offers recipes, product and restaurant reviews as well as shopping guides to take some of the bite out of grabbing a bite on a restrictive diet.

Top 6 Free

No Gluten - CopyNo Gluten: Gluten is a protein that comes from Wheat (or Rye, Barley etc…) that gives bread it’s chew.  Products that contain gluten or wheat and its varied cousins are not tolerated by people with various conditions (notably Celiacs).  Alternatives abound with Rice and Bean based flours.  T will be reviewing alternatives to Gluten-based products as we go along.  In general, T has found found that Gluten Free products tend to be a touch heavier and denser than those containing wheat.  Already up on the blog is a brand review of the company Joan’s GF Great Bakes and the restaurant/bakery, One Dish Cuisine.  More reviews to come!

No Milk

No Dairy: Dairy or Casein is found in animal milks and products that are made with animal milk (like cheese).  For many, dairy is an allergen that triggers their condition’s ailments.  This is not geared towards lactose intolerance although things without Casein should also be without lactose.  Many alternatives exist and we will outline them on the blog over time.  T has already done a review of the Brand Daiya, who provides cheese alternatives, and will review companies who provide Rice and Coconut based alternatives in the future.

No Nuts - Copy

No Nuts: Many people suffer from tree nut and peanut allergies.  Nut allergies are sometimes extremely dangerous and can require emergency medical attention.  There aren’t going to be alternatives if you are looking for a handful of cashews but there is a replacement for those desperate for peanut butter.  If this is you, you can enjoy Sunbutter, which T will review soon.  T will  be looking for other similar products as the blog continues to grow.

No Fish - Copy

No Seafood: Fish and shellfish are among the top allergens.  T has found a couple products for those looking for shrimp, but after tasting them she would not recommend them as edible.  The search continues and perhaps even grace you with a scathing review to read.  Stay tuned!



No Soy - CopyNo Soy: T really likes edamame.  Sadly, soy beans are one of those pesky top allergens.  Now for those who are new to allergy rules, certain listings of soy are okay when you read them on a label.  For instance, soy lechetin and even soybean oil are okay for almost everyone.  The allergens that need to be avoided lie within soy protein.  T has done a review of Coconut Secret’s Raw Coconut Aminos already and will continue to look for more options.


No Egg - Copy

No Eggs: Eggs are in many baked goods… particularly the store-bought gluten free products.  There are Egg Replacers and they will help you fill in the gaps if you are trying to bake something.  Reviews to come soon.


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