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Contest Entry: Dairy Free White Pizza

So-Delicious-Dairy-Free-3-Course-Recipe-Contest-BadgeFor the past week or so, our blog will be featuring our entries into the So Delicious Dairy Free 3-Course Recipe Contest.  We’ve moved past the appetizers and onto the entrees.  Our first entree should be a crowd pleaser, White Pizza.  We’ve done pizza’s before, using our Tomato-less tomato sauce, but this time we will be using So Delicious and Daiya to create a white pizza topping.  You’ll have to try it yourselves and tell us what you think!

PizzaPhotos Courtesy of: Kathy Hoos



  • 1/4 Cup Pancetta
  • 1/8 Cup Red Onion (Cut into slivers)

In a small pot brown garlic over a medium high heat.  Once the garlic begins to brown add the creamer and seasonings and whisk together.  Lower heat and add the Daiya cheese, stirring to make sure the seasoning is mixed.  The mixture should become a semi-smooth dip-like texture.

Spread the cheese mixture over the pizza crust and top.  Add toppings to your tastes.  Cook in oven (following crust instructions).  Our crust needs ten minutes but we left the pie in for twenty to allow the cheese to brown.


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